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Stress, Time Management & Effectively Dealing with Conflict
4 Hour Session | This can be delivered online via Zoom or In-House (minimum Half day rate will apply)

Managing Time is something we all need to do. Good time management can be the difference between working normal hours or not. It can also be the difference between sanity and insanity. And stress unfortunately comes with the job in our profession – it’s unavoidable!

Session Topics

Energy levels – what are they and what powers YOU?

Obstacles – things that get in your way or upset your day

Stress causes – the things that cause us stress

Choke barriers – those tasks that take forever…

Time suckers – regular consumers of time: how to manage them

Ideal weeks – create your own

Managing your stress – from cause to resolution

Organised structures – how to get organised

Training plans – improve yourself and your team

Systems & procedures – organisation via regulated self-discipline

Conflict – how to deal with it effectively

Resilience – what is it and how can we build on it

Work-Life Balance – how do we achieve this

Wheel of life – goal setting

In this session, we will talk about how your personal energy levels affect your work life, the obstacles in your day, how to manage them, and the tools and structure you can use to get both organised and efficient. We also want to use time management to manage and reduce stress. Further, we will talk about training plans and systems & procedures which can be used to get the whole team to same level plus some little tips & tricks involving communication and legislation. We will finish off with looking at your work-life balance and using the Wheel of life tool we will create some goals and targets so we can be the best versions of ourselves at work and away from work.

Who should attend?

This session is for Property Managers, their assistants and department leaders.


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