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Introduction to Short-Term Management – Online via Zoom

Introduction to Short-Term Management

Online via Zoom (1.5 Hour Session)

Are you considering entering the world of short-term rental management but don’t know where to start? Look no further! This training session is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to decide if you want to delve into this dynamic industry. With more and more owners looking for different options for their properties you may have been asked if you can help but not knowing where to start you have reluctantly said no. This training has been designed to give you a good overview of the process including some pro’s and con’s to enable you to decide if it is the area you want to explore and ultimately offer to your future clients.

Throughout this training, we will explore various aspects of managing short-term rental properties, covering platforms like Airbnb,, VRBO/Stays & Direct Bookings. We will also do an overview on Channel  Manager software and how it works, including the channel fees and pricing options. One crucial component of short-term rental management is efficient property maintenance and cleaning. Our training will provide you with valuable insights into hiring and managing cleaners, ensuring your properties are impeccably maintained to meet guest expectations.

In addition to the joys of hosting, you’ll also encounter challenges such as dealing with dodgy guests and navigating insurance claims. We will also share practical tips and best practices for handling difficult situations and protecting your client’s properties. Moreover, we’ll explore the importance of setting up properties correctly and stocking essential supplies to enhance the guest experience and streamline operations. From furniture selection to keyless entry systems, you’ll discover the key elements for creating inviting and functional spaces that attract positive reviews.

This training session has been created as a crash course to give you an overview of the industry and how it works. This training covers all the things we wish we knew before we got started. We just learnt it the hard way by making all of the mistakes so now we are showing you so you don’t do the same as us!  Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the session and we will make sure the numbers are low so we can answer any questions you might have.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Airbnb,, and VRBO/STayz

Options for Cleaners

Dealing with Dodgy Guests and Insurance Claims

Property Set-Up and Essential Supplies

Effective Property Management Techniques

Utilising Channel Managers for Booking Synchronization

Join us and gain the confidence and expertise to excel in the exciting world of short-term rental management!

This session is suitable for property managers of all levels of experience.

CPD for VIC – Any activity that members undertake outside the REIV can be considered for CPD hours by lodging via the member portal. Simply login to your member account via and record your CPD activity under the Manage Your CPD tile. Please submit evidence of the completed activity. Allocation of hours will be at the discretion of the REIV. No fees apply.

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To book into this event please email with the name and email address of the attendee. We will then send you an invoice and book you into the event.

Please note: The ticket price is per attendee and you will be required to have your microphones and cameras on to attend the session.

For any questions related to bookings, please contact us directly.

Online via Zoom

  • Tuesday 21st May | 12.30pm – 2.00pm
  • $99.00 per person inc GST (one person per registration)
  • Cameras & microphones will need to be on to attend this session
  • Bookings close at 5pm on Friday 17th May
  • Maximum capacity is 20 attendees
  • Please email to book into this session