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 Online Mini Rent Roll Health Checks
This can be delivered online via Zoom & remotely with Hayley Mitchell

We have a brand-new service offering! It is a mini online health check for property managers and directors who want to focus on their rent roll operations.

There have been so many changes in Property Management over the last few years including legislation, compliance, software, documentation, and it can be hard to keep up. After answering a short questionnaire and allowing us access to your systems we will start our investigations and then provide you with a snapshot of what we find.

If there are any areas that you also want investigated, we can do this as well, it is totally customisable to suit your needs.

What we will focus on:

  1. Legislation and Compliance Review: By staying abreast of the latest legislative changes and compliance requirements, we can help property managers and directors avoid costly mistakes and potential legal issues. We will focus on minimum standards, safety checks, mandatory disclosure as well as other key PM tasks.
  2. Software and Documentation Assessment: We will evaluate your software systems and documentation processes to ensure they are optimized for efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Fee Structure and Process Evaluation: The service will analyse the client’s fee structure and complete some random checks to ensure the fees match the authority and are charged accordingly.
  4. Inspection Reports and Advertising Review: We will assess the quality of the Property Managers Condition & Routine Inspeciton reports and the online advertising of properties. This includes ensuring that inspection reports are thorough and accurate, and that advertising materials effectively showcase rental properties to attract renters.
  5. Customizable and Tailored Approach: The service is customizable to suit the specific needs of each client. If there are additional areas of concern or interest, we can tailor the investigation accordingly to provide a comprehensive assessment.
  6. Snapshot Report and Recommendations: After conducting the online health check, we will provide you with a snapshot report summarising our findings and recommendations This report will highlight areas of risk and non-compliance, as well as provide recommendations for maximising returns and minimising risk.

We know our mini online health check service will offer property managers and directors a valuable opportunity to ensure their operations are up-to-date, compliant, and optimized for success in today’s evolving property management landscape.

Investment: $990 including GST


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