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 Mould & Maintenance
2 Hour Session | This can be delivered online via Zoom or In-House (minimum Half day rate will apply)

As property managers we have a responsibility to ensure the properties under our management are safe, secure and well maintained. Maintenance of properties is important, and it is one area of Property Management that often goes horribly wrong. With the changes to the RTA mould is now included in the legislation and Property Managers need to have a thorough understanding of how to deal with mould and the relationship with the Renters.

Learning Outcomes:


This session will go over many aspects of Mould & Maintenance including the legislation, responsibilities, how to deal with mould and much more including:

– New legislation & responsibilities

– Renters and RRP’s obligations

– Urgent & Non-Urgent Repairs

– Rental Non-Compliance Register

– How to deal with repairs when the renter is at fault

– Minimum Standards

– General overview of breach notices

– Update on Tenant’s Vic & their mould clinic

– Information on mould

– An interesting case study regarding mould

We will provide a detailed presentation at the end of the session which can be used as a resource guide.

Who should attend?

This session is suitable for property managers of all levels of experience.


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