Mitchell Property Training

The New World of Property Management
4 Hour Session | This can be delivered online via Zoom or In-House (minimum Half day rate will apply)

In the last few years Property Management has gone through some massive changes. Starting with the changes to the legislation and regulations and then COVID-19 being thrown into the mix as well. As a result the way we deal with clients and manage our properties has changed. This session will guide you through how to effectively manage tenancies and your clients in today’s climate.

We will work through the life cycle of a tenancy and look at ways we can improve our technology, documentation, compliance, risk management and service to our clients.


  • Look at some of the major areas of change in the Residential Tenancies Act and the Regulations
  • Look at compliance obligations with minimum standards, disclosure statements, safety checks & how to ensure you follow correct processes and educate your clients along the way
  • Run through the life cycle of a tenancy and highlight risks and areas of improvement
  • Learn how to correctly set up a RRP & Renter file
  • Discuss what areas agencies usually do not do well which can pose a huge risk to the OIEC
  • Learn how to be the best PM and run the best portfolio/department out there!


This training is for anyone in property management and it will suit all levels of experience.


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