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Mitchell Property Training


Mitchell PT’s PM Club is a committee of like-minded, career focused & experienced Property Managers who are here to support each other to deliver training to regions in VIC.

The training sessions across 2024 will be a mix of training and networking to try and support the regions Victoria wide.

Get to know our amazing committee members below!

Lehna Angelino
(West Hub)

With over a decade in real estate, I’m Lehna, the Department Manager at One Agency in Sunbury. I excel in finding creative (and legal) solutions for optimal outcomes. I believe in working smarter, not harder and actions, not just words – I’m a bull at a gate, ensuring tasks get done! Definitely bringing the REAL to Real Estate. Having experienced it all, from completing vacate cleans to executing evictions others couldn’t handle! I’m committed to creating a positive and respected industry.

Interesting fact: Having studied pre-veterinary science, I seamlessly blend my two worlds by rescuing everything from sparrows to sheep— much to my partner’s annoyance, but I’m always there to help!

Kirsty Patterson
(South Hub)

Kirsty is a licensed Estate Agent with over 20 years experience. Kirsty is very passionate about Property Management and has spent most of her career as a Department Manager with a focus on training, growth and building high performing teams. Two years ago, Kirsty started RW Property Group with her business partners with a commitment to providing consistent, personalised service to their clients. The business continues to grow with most of our new clients coming from referrals which has been very rewarding.

Interesting fact – Kirsty has 12 horses.

Rob Bell
(East Hub)

Rob comes with a wealth of experience in real estate from Melbourne and the North East region. Rob’s passion for the real estate profession was inherited from his real estate agent grandfather plus his parent’s extensive involvement in real estate investment and management. Rob’s natural progression into real estate lead him to attaining his full licenses in both Victoria and New South Wales and over 14 years’ valuable experience in the profession. In relaxing times Rob and his wife Nicole enjoy the local dining scene and keeping their two miniature dachshunds under control. Morris Bros highly value Rob’s professional experience, honesty and friendly open approach to clients.

Interesting fact – I am on a mission to find the best pub Parma in Victoria!!

Rachel Walter
(Metro Hub)

I am a mum of two beautiful girls and I have worked in the Real Estate industry now for just shy of 29 years.  I am currently working in my happy place here at Buyers Advocate where I have worked for the past 7 years. I love it here!  I take great pride in honest communication and building trusting relationships both with my co workers and clients.  I firmly believe that you treat others as you want to be treated.  I am approachable, super honest, dedicated and know how to let my hair down and have fun.  Life is about living it and doing what makes you happy.

Interesting fact – I spent most of my childhood as a National Champion roller skater hanging up my roller skates for the final time at the age of 16. I then re entered the competitive world of roller skating again in my late 40’s taking out an unexpected 2nd place at the National Championships!

Chris Cunliffe
(Metro Hub)

I wear 2 hats professionally – an owners corporation manager and a residential property manager. In my OC capacity I have seen the best, the worst, and everything in between when it comes to PM in the buildings I manage.

I’m a big believer in PM. I know PM teams are usually seen as the poor cousin of the sales team, but I don’t see it that way. Besides, today’s tenants are tomorrow’s owners. Isn’t that a relationship worth fostering?

Interesting fact – I’m a self confessed coffee snob. Long blacks all the way for me! But a little thing called parenthood has taught me to appreciate the instant stuff too – as long as it’s Moccona. Any port in a storm, right?

Michelle Evans
(North Hub)

Michelle is a fully licensed real estate agent, with extensive property management experience. From being a receptionist in 2000, working her way up to become Officer in Effective Control of a company with over 3000 managements, trust accountant, business developer and Director of Property Management. There is not much that she has not seen or dealt with.

Interesting fact -Michelle loves the gym and her goal is to bench press 80kg this year

Shannon Loe
(West Hub)

Shannon brings more than 15 years of real estate experience to her role as Department Manager & Senior Investment Manager at Release Property Management.

Providing leadership to the property management team at our Geelong office while managing a residential portfolio of her own, Shannon thrives on the variety of her position. Her colleagues and clients value her excellent industry knowledge, attention to detail and strong customer service focus.

Shannon’s experience and down to earth style allow her to build trusted relationships with ease. Proactive and efficient, her property owners and renters value her ability to deliver a seamless experience throughout the rental cycle.

Interesting fact- My husband is Indonesian and we met on the beach in Bali – makes for a great place to holiday every year!

Zara-Jane Hayes
(Metro Hub)

Zara-Jane or better known as Zara has been a part of the real estate industry for nearly all her life. Her journey began all thanks to her mum who when she was born owned her own real estate office and was bringing her into the office from the age of 6 weeks old and the rest is history!!

Zara has gone on to work in all various aspects of the industry, from being a receptionist right through to holding a corporate role with one of the leading real estate companies in Australia being involved in training and education staff members throughout the network of Tasmania and Victoria.

Interesting fact – Everything that my mum did when she was my age I have been doing without even planning to do so. Also I am obsessed with Minions but only one in particular named Kevin – I have have an entire bookshelf filled with Kevin Minion items.

Meagan Cottis
(South Hub)

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Meagan brings a wealth of knowledge to Shelter’s expanding Property Management department. Meagan’s extensive experience coupled with her commitment to client success and dedication to industry best practices, make her a standout property manager.

Outside of real estate, Meagan’s love for family camping reflects her appreciation for nature and quality family time. Meagan is actively involved in her children’s sports and dance activities, finding joy in supporting their passions. Her family and friends play a significant role in her life, contributing to her positive and balanced outlook.

Interesting fact – Meagan comes from the Barossa valley. She played state hockey in her teens & travelled the world and brought back a large souvenir (her husband!)

Juanita Murray
(North Hub)

Meet Juanita Murray, a seasoned leader in Ballarat’s real estate market. With over a decade of expertise, she’s the Senior Property Manager at Integra Real Estate. Juanita’s journey began 13 years ago in her hometown of Ballarat, transitioning from trust accounting to property management. Now managing a growing portfolio of at Integra, Juanita’s adaptability and commitment to client relationships make her an invaluable asset, shaping the city’s real estate landscape.

Interesting fact – I recently spent six months travelling Australia in a caravan with my husband and two kids.

Daniel Temos
(Metro Hub)

Meet Daniel Temos, a career professional over the past two decades. His interest in real estate and architecture from a young age led him to perusing a career in the real estate industry with his natural ability to service clients from all works of life with ease.  Starting off as an assistant and working through the ranks building solid foundations for what has been a successful journey to date, allowing the natural progression to business ownership. His number 1 rule is to be the agent who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear when it comes to any real estate transaction.

Interesting Fact – A shocking coffee snob, lover of a good daily workout, a must in life good food because life is short, Collingwood Supporter and when not working as an agent, likes to immerse himself into personal development to master his craft. When able – travels the world to see all the beautiful places.

Rob Gillies
(Metro Hub)

I’ve been working in the Residential Property Management industry for 13 years, having come from a decade long career in Hospitality. I’m a firm believer that customer service across the breadth of our portfolios should be the main focus in our day to day work, and that Department Heads and Managers need to be setting things up in a way that allows PM’s to do this.  Having worked for several large sales-based businesses I have an understanding of the challenges PM’s come up against not only with their day to day work, but also within the businesses and business owners they work for, and have a passion to see the industry change for the better.  Now, as a business owner myself I love to have the ability to set things up for my team to do the job “properly” and provide high level customer service and support to our Rental Providers and Renters alike.  Being able to see PM’s grow into a role and become the full package provide me with a bigger sense of accomplishment than most other things in the business.

Interesting fact – I’m a decent (and very enthusiastic) amatuer 10 pin bowler, so if you ever want to have a roll hit me up!

Tasma Bogdanovic
(Metro Hub)

Friendly, approachable and down-to-earth, Tasma is extremely well suited to her role with Belle Property; highly skilled and with a reputation for outstanding customer care. Focused, precise and organised with a diligent eye for detail, Tasma is drawn to the fast paced challenges of real estate and is driven by her determination to provide her clients with exceptional service experiences and deliver them optimum results. Tasma has always had a passion for property and been proactive in acquiring and maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Her vast skillset & exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to consistently maximise rewards for investors and provide exceptional service to property owners and tenants alike. Tasma forms an integral part of a committed team at Belle Property and employs the intelligence, reliability and enthusiasm needed to generate the best possible result.

Interesting fact – Tasma used to be a foster carer for both children and animals and was approved to be a surrogate.

Jess Ward
(North Hub)

Jess is a senior property manager whose passion for property management pushes her to excel at every aspect of property management. Recently moving to a Property and Commercial management role with Elders Real Estate she is striving to blend her existing knowledge and processes within a new team. Business development is an area that Jess enjoys the challenge of, and knows first hand what it takes to build a rent roll and maintain strong relationships, While her knowledge of the local area keeps her on the frontline of the rental market. Jess has been on both sides, being both a tenant and landlord at various stages, giving her clear perspective when making important decisions, She is a busy mum to three first and foremost, with strong family values making multitasking a specialty.

Interesting fact: Jess loves nothing more than having a family day on the farm with her family, dogs and motorbikes.

Fiona Knight
(North Hub)

Fiona is a Licensed Agent with NorthWest Real Estate in Warracknabeal, with nearly 14 years- experience in the Property Management industry. She guides a team of dedicated Property Managers, catering for the Wimmera- Mallee area to excel in Property Management. With a background in customer service she understands that Property Management is about managing relationships, more than just looking after a property. Her extensive knowledge of Property Management combined with her belief of – everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, has led to her to have an outstanding reputation of great customer service and the ‘go to’ person for all Property Management related questions. Fiona is also a mum to 3 children and 2 very spoilt Cavalier King Charles, fur babies.

Interesting fact: I love Cemetery’s, the older, the better! You can learn so much about families and local history, I just find them fascinating!

Linda Mills
(West Hub)

With over two decades of experience in property management, Linda has a genuine passion for the real estate industry. Her journey began with a background in nursing, but she discovered her true calling in property management, drawn to the diverse challenges and the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

In her role, Linda approaches working with clients with the utmost respect, striving to treat them as she would like to be treated herself. Her extensive experience and knowledge base, combined with a sincere desire to help others, set her apart in the field. Linda believes that her love for what she does shines through in every interaction with clients.

Interesting fact – Linda enjoys spending time with her family and friends, yoga, hiking, and a good book. Balancing her professional endeavors with these personal interests keeps her energized and fulfilled.

Danielle O’Leary
(West Hub)

Danielle’s journey in Property Management began more than ten years ago, and she has since built an impressive track record of success within the Geelong and surrounding regions. She believes that open communication, transparency, and a proactive approach are essential in providing the best experience for property owners and renters alike, and is committed to delivering unparalleled service to her clients. Her passion for her work, coupled with her dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, sets her apart as a leader in the industry.

Interesting fact – due to my obsession with the movie Top Gun in the 80’s, I nearly joined the airforce to become a fighter pilot but they wouldn’t accept my enrolment at the time because I was a girl. I missed by 2 years! 😊

Casey McDonald
(West Hub)

Casey commenced her career as a property manager in her home town of Colac in 1998 after leaving school to commence her career.

Over a 23 year plus career Casey has worked long term for companies throughout Melbourne as well as her home town of Colac. She stepped into her role as Director in opening Casey McDonald Realty in Colac in 2019- after a 4 year period of organic growth she now manages over 500 tenancies and has 9 staff all this balanced around being a wife and mum of Casey’s company and clients are her pride and joy.

Interesting fact – Casey is terrified of needles and moths!

Adrian Lieschke
(Metro Hub)

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Adrian has had a keen focus on professional development, beginning his career as a Leasing Consultant before becoming a Portfolio Manager and also a Business Development Manager. Also experienced in sales, Adrian also holds his Full Real Estate License.

Interesting fact – Adrian is a twin!